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Jobs at Crescent Towing

Crescent Towing has no greater asset than its people. Crescent Towing employees come to the Company from all over the southeast, and they are what makes Crescent Towing the industry leader in all of the Company's home ports. Whether you currently have a successful job in the maritime industry and are looking for a proven and established company to take your career to the next level, or you're new to the industry and want to be trained by the finest crews on the most state-of-the-art equipment in the industry, Crescent Towing is the company for you. 

  • Captain
  • Engineer
  • Deckhand
  • Shore Based Support

Crescent Towing captains are the leaders that ensure our company operates the safest, most well maintained, and efficient tugboats in the industry. Captains are the ultimate authority on our tugboats and they are responsible for the safety of our crew members and equipment. Our captains continually undergo extensive classroom and hands-on training to grow and maintain their knowledge and skills. If you aspire to operate the most state-of-the-art equipment and lead the finest crews in the industry, contact Crescent Towing about your future as a captain on the Crescent Towing team.

Engineers are responsible for the operations and upkeep of our state-of-the-art equipment. You can find Crescent Towing engineers working in the engine rooms of our tug boats to ensure that our vessels are operating at their peak performance, furthering their education and mastering their skills in a hands-on classroom to guarantee that they are up-to-date on new technologies and procedures that are impacting our industry, or in a team setting, exploring new and innovative ways to create safer and more efficient tugboats and workplaces. If you have experience as an engineer or mechanic, or you're mechanically inclined and eager to learn, contact Crescent Towing for more information on what it takes to become a Crescent Towing engineer.

Are you ready to get your foot in the door of a growing industry while working for a proven company that, established in 1942, is the leading tug provider in all three of its home ports? If so, Crescent Towing is your ticket to a successful and strong career in the maritime industry. Deckhands at Crescent Towing are responsible for assisting with jobs, maintaining our fleet, and ensuring a safe work environment for themselves and their fellow crew members. If you are interested in building a firm foundation for your future, contact Crescent Towing to discuss your future as a Crescent Towing deckhand. 

Welders, mechanics, electricians, radio technicians, dispatchers, billing managers, port captains, loss control directors, port engineers, and operations managers, are but a few of the jobs that it takes to ensure that Crescent Towing operates safely and efficiently everyday. If you're interested in working for the premier tug provider in the ports of Mobile, New Orleans, or Savannah, contact Crescent Towing today to discuss available job opportunities.